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Whether you are an existing business or a new business we are here to ensure that your company formation is efficient and timely. You may be looking to set up a trading business, a services business or even a charity.

So long as you wish to get registered and start operating as a legal entity, our advice and support will highlight the practical considerations that apply to your intended activities.

Pre-Incorporation Services

  • Company Registration
  • Drafting of Articles of Association
  • Acting as Your Company Secretary

Post-Incorporation Services

  • Advice on Corporate Governance
  • Advice on Tax Structure and Tax Strategies
  • Preparation of Business Legal Risk Reports
  • Registered Office Service Address Services
  • Website IT Contracts Preparation
  • Trademark & Patent Registrations
Obinna Baranta

Obinna Baranta


Almost every aspect of starting a new enterprise raises issues that will benefit from legal input.

Whilst opinions matter, in business it is the decisions that count.

Our law firm offers business clients incisive advice and assistance to enable start-ups act with confidence.

We also prepare company policies for such matters as staff sickness, holidays, sexual harassment, equal pay, drugs and alcohol, relationships at work, disciplinary and grievance procedures for our clients.

We don’t just leave you with options. Our advice is always clear and aim to reduce uncertainty by categorically recommending which option we think is best and why.

Our pre-incorporation services include advice and assistance on:

  • Promoters’ obligations and remuneration
  • Choice of business vehicles
  • Articles and memorandums of association
  • Pre-incorporation contracts
  • Promoters’ Agreements and Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Appointment of Directors
  • Service contracts for Directors
  • Applications for operating licences and business permits

Companies have a life and the intention is always to grow. As new opportunities arise legal changes become necessary.

Sometimes new legislation and sector specific regulations require alteration of structures. You may also change your objectives and diversify into new sectors.

In other cases, growth can come in form of new members and shareholders who are coming on board with, unique talents, fresh ideas and extra funding.

Let us support your business with first class legal services so that you can grow with confidence and concentrate on your targets.

Our post-incorporation services include:

  • Appointment of additional directors
  • Change of company name
  • Change of company or directors address
  • Alterations to articles and memorandums of association
  • Increase of share capital, allotment and transfer of shares
  • Creation of preference shares, non-voting shares and other non-ordinary shares
  • Creation of charges on company assets and creation of debenture stocks
  • Filing of company annual returns and on time compliance with other statutory notices

Successful companies adhere to best practice in corporate governance. Our firm assists clients to comply with domestic company regulations and international best practice.

Long term or short term, efficient operations and effective cooperation among company officers, board members and shareholders are bound to enhance profitability. We invest quality time and resources into listening to our clients, studying their business and understanding the challenges they face in a changing world.

From a legal point of view, it is our job to help them see around corners and prepare for changes in law as these changes appear in the horizon.

Going beyond traditional expectations we offer long term partnerships and enduring commitment to our client’s business plans by focusing on their needs.

Our corporate governance services include advice on:

  • Advice and support on directors’ duties
  • Constitution of executive and non-executive boards
  • Appointment of board chairman
  • Appointment of board committees
  • Effecting minority shareholder protections
  • Flagging sector specific regulations (energy, finance, and commodities companies)
  • Promoting international best practice

Private limited companies are no longer required to appoint a company secretary, but the statutory obligations of the company have increased and must be complied with.

These duties include creating and maintaining the company’s registers and making necessary filings at Companies House within the given timescales.

If you are a director of a company, you are obliged to ensure that the company meets these obligations as there are severe penalties for non-compliance.
Choosing to entrust these important matters to us as experts leave you free to focus on your business.

We will deliver a Company Secretarial Service that keeps you above board and keeps you updated of all filings that are due and all actions that have been completed on your behalf.

Every company, including limited liability partnerships must have a UK registered office address.

This is the address to which government bodies and third parties must send all official correspondence to your company.

Even if you trade from outside the UK or exclusively online, as long as you are a UK registered company, a registered office that can receive official communications during normal business hours is a legal requirement.

If we provide an address for your company, we will ensure all vital correspondence comes to the attention of your directors quickly so that you, or we acting on your instructions, can respond to communications without delay.

The complete registered office service we offer includes:

  • Prestigious registered office address
  • UK address
  • Receipt and forwarding of official mail and documents
  • Optional free monitoring
  • Ongoing check of all documents filed at Companies House
  • Provision of documents filed if required
  • Access to a range of additional services including company secretarial and corporate legal advice

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